A Very Racist Story in Upstate New York

A Very Racist Story in Upstate New York

10 February 2011 Justice 0

A Very Racist Story

America is the most racist country that I’ve ever been to and every day I will feel like an outsider here. When I am in “forin”, I feel foreign and here is another example of why.

I’m sure most people who know me don’t recognize that my dad was born in South America and not Jamaica. Depending on when you met him, he may have looked like Fredrick Douglass (the fro), Bob Marley (the locks) or bald head Denzel in a suit and tie (-: he’ll love this one). But when it come down to it, the regular American will just see him as a black man.

There are some irregular people who are so backward, so carefree in their little white bubble that any tinge of color burst it. My dad was sitting in a coffee shop in the middle of Nowhere, New York, boondocks upstate, backabush nowhere!  I suspect he had on a beanie or tam since it is freezing outside along with all the other sweater, coat etc.

Nothing more than two white policemen rush the coffee shop because they got a call from some concerned white citizen that a Middle Eastern terrorist looking man was having video conversations with people abroad. No way this should happen in their country right? This big black man who thinks he has the right to sit in a coffe shop, buy a black coffee and skype his people. Beer tings like the man go stick dem up for dem coffee. Like because he’s not white like them he don’t deserve to sit and use his laptop. Its a sad case when you get use to police stopping you month after month.

Who are these duncebats? These ignorant bastards didnt even listen to the language being spoken (dad was talking to an American friend who was abroad) to see that he was speaking English!! Who are these idiots? And do they realize that even though they stereotype us to the death, this will always be the permeating image we have of this country. People who feel dem better than you…. because yuh skin got more melanin.

When in the nature, one of the best the best things to have is melanin
Just like how the plant uses chlorophyll

Black people who feel subjected to less because of your heritage, if its one thing I want you to know its that if and when the earth cant take no more and start run red…melanin gives us a better chance

So keep your kids black, dont bleach dem!


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