The Coconut Revolution- A MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY

The Coconut Revolution- A MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY

3 March 2011 Environment Justice 0

The Coconut Revolution- A MUST SEE DOCUMENTARY

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I found this documentary by way of Andrew who I featured in a short doc of my own.

The Coconut Revolution is a documentary about a little known environmental war, that took place in the island of Bougainville in the 90′s.

Entire ‘rural’ communities running on hydro-electricity and using coconuts as the main resource for products such as oil, soap, VEHICLE GAS among others? The Bougainville Revolution fulfilled all this

These are people of a small island located in the Pacific Ocean saying ” f-u Europe, f-u Papua New Guinea, f-u New Zealand and  Australia, we can do this on our own!”  Politically, the country is a part of Papua New Guinea, but since the 90′s the little island has overcome ecological revolution amidst blockades and embargoes from virtually the rest of the entire world.

The soil  over there is very rich and so it follows that some western capitalist group (here it was Belgium’s Rio Tinto Zinc company) would come and set up shop to mine the riches out for themselves. In 1988, the indigenous people decided enough was enough and began to fight the mining company out. By 1990, an all surrounding blockade was imposed on the country which added to the revolutionary outbreak.

The country would prove that they are the REAL SURVIVORS by creating self sufficient communities with farming, hydroelectricity, home made weapons from scrap metal and even a musical style that has thrived without Western help.

And as soon as a small country does something for themselves they are labeled “separatists”….

Directed by Jim Rotheroe

Take a look for yourself


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