Take me back to 1969

Take me back to 1969

24 July 2011 Art History Justice reggae 0

Take Me to 1969


If I got the chance to go in a time machine and visit any year, I would ask to be alive and aware in 1969. So many things happened that interest me.

-Lorraine Hansberry releases one of my fave high school books “To Be Young Gifted and Black”
-Richard Nixon becomes US President
-Vietnam treaty talks get underway ::bbm eyes rolling::
-Muhammed Ali is still out of boxing because “no VietCong ever called me nigger”


-The Black Panther Party is at its peak; a lot of good and a lot of injustice was endured
-Woman Liberation groups are also very active
-Miles Davis goes into a 3-day recording session for “Bitches Brew”… “Mr Davis, may I have an interview for 2011′s Method Mecca please?”

-A Coup in Libya overthrows the monarchy and makes Mommar al-Gadaffi leader… yes same Gaddafi in the African country of Libya that you’ve been hearing about recently.. that’s how long hes’ been around
-the first Internet message is sent by the US department of defense
-Birth Control Pills are made safe by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
– TV show “The Brady Bunch” premieres… Maaad.. Before Nick at Nite :-)
-The Beatles record their last album “Abbey Road” with the famous picture

The Famous Abbey Road Photo

-The Jackson 5 appear on big big US TV Show “The Ed Sullivan Show”. I think we’ve all seen this footage too
-There is an uprising in the Essiquibo Region on Guyana by people opposed to the leadership of Forbes Burnam
-Australian Bulldozers start destroying the island of Bouganville to make the devastating Panguna copper Mine. Methodmecca.com has featured this atrocity before in this article about how colonialism forced an ecological war in this remote island near Papa New Guinea.

-Native American college student seize and occupy the US island of Alcatraz for 18 months
-Wendy’s opens in Ohio :-)

-the famous painting “Nativity” by Michelangelo Caravaggio is stolen from an oratory in Sicily, Italy lol
Nativity by Michelangelo Caravaggio stolen in 1969

-Immediate desegregation is ordered by the US Supreme Court in the American South following the Alexander v. Holmes County Board of Education case, a day after my birthday in 1969
-Mario Puzo writes “The Godfather”
-The story of two bikers roaming the American southwest “Easy Rider” is released and starts a new phase in Hollywood
The film I mentioned here, “Midnight Cowboy” is released starring Angelina Jolie’s father, John Voight, and Dustin Hoffman
-Glauber Rocha created the Brazilian film “Antonio das Mortes/Antonio of the Dead”…had to watch it in college.. it badd


-Fela Kuti has the life changing experience of leaving Africa and visiting California
-The Gap is founded
-Dunking is made illegal in basketball until 1974… wtf??
-And the most of them all the Woodstock Music and Arts Fair!!! seems like THE mhaad experience to live!!
Can it ever be done again?


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