#ForTheArt- an Ode To Creativity

#ForTheArt- an Ode To Creativity

9 December 2011 Art 0

FOR THE ART- an Ode To Creativity by GITTY

“I gave you pieces of my heart cause the world tried to tear it apart, I just wanted to add on -increase your beautiful art, GPS to ma soul you in ma navigational chart, the road where it go kinda cloudy but we roll, thanks for playing the role you the dad I never had”         -Gitty “For The Art”

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For much of the past few years I have been thinking that art is the way to go. As a child I seemed more on track to become an academic but as I grow older its become obvious that the creative industries are where my real interest remains. I went to an Arts college, even though I didn’t do a standard art there,  however I credit it with giving me an inside view of how and why art happens and also, how art is managed.

Relocating to Jamaica earlier this year after 4 years in New York affirmed my conviction that allowing someone to express themself is high up on the list of ‘Things That Make The World A Better Place’ and undoubtedly if anything else it just allows people to say what they mean (in everyday life) much better.  This song by bredrin GITTY tells his own story of how writing his thoughts down positively impacted his life.

It’s a deep piece a music; Gitty gives art the role of an absent father which could not have been a simple undertaking for a child to do; and without proper direction, how many of our youths will actually see the value in keeping a channel of creation open (this is why I love Manifesto|Jamaica).  In the same breath, his art turns into the child that is loved:

“I love you like I gave birth (Kool Herc)”
This birth- the uprising of a creative spirit like that of the Godfather Kool Herc who birthed the hip hop movement– this visionary is key to overcoming struggle. This is what Gitty is trying to get to us. And who among us has not been faced with struggle?Gitty doesn’t ignore the struggle in art and the rebel comes out when he turns the lens on us- the media makers- who get caught up in sensational stories for views. There’s talk of burning down radio stations and hogtying “capitalism drunk” bloggers “cause they’re killing the art”. Same fire for the DJ’s and selectors charging musicians to play their music.

It’s a charge to those with the knowledge and skills to do something about the situation:

“But I refuse to see a generation burn and left to fumes/like what…we can do not nothing but lose?/fast paced we can’t cruise/ Rest.. but don’t snooze/Middle finger high, take ‘em to school/but we don’t give a fuk about the rules”

It all comes up to the same thing though; art as an important resource to human life

I might just be rambling on but this is what proper music does to me and im all ‘FOR THE ART’


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