Gardens of Others with MADEYOULOOK

Gardens of Others with MADEYOULOOK

30 August 2021 Environment History Interviews 0

South African artist collaborative MADEYOULOOK invites you into deep listening to the recollections of various gardeners, activists, artists and writers of colour in Britain and South Africa as they share their personal experiences and memories of how they came into relationship with plant life and nature. They place these narratives within the wider historical contexts of migration and families of growers using gardening as a means of place-making, and maintaining connections to their ancestral homes.

Podcast producers: MADEYOULOOK

Contributors: Josina Calliste, Sui Searle, Ama Josephine Budge, Zakiya McKenzie, Carole Wright, Juliet Sargeant, Charles Nembhard, Navi Kaur, Mphathi Motha, Simangele Siko.

Editors: Daniel Basckin and Andrei van Wyk.

Thanks to: St. Anne’s Allotment, Garden Museum UK, Janine Nelson, Mo Cooper, Pandeani Liphosa and Ngilima Photography Archives.

This research residency is part of Here, There & Everywhere, a collaborative programme led by New Art Exchange with Delfina Foundation, Eastside Projects, QUAD/FORMAT, Primary, MAC and The Tetley, and funded by Ambition for Excellence (Arts Council England).

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