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Melville, Johannesburg – an art mecca?

Once seen as the epicentre of innovation and art in Johannesburg, residents who have been in Melville for a long time regularly lament how the village-like suburb has lost its lustre.

6 October 2013 0

A heritage asset of Joburg’s built environment

“As it is important to plant trees, it is important for us to conserve buildings such as those in this Delta Park precinct so that their interesting features remain,” says Di Betton, Executive Officer of the Delta Park Environmental Centre.

19 August 2013 0

Art and Entrepreneurship: Jamaica vs. Joburg

Culture often disregards class, race, gender etc to unify people under a common banner. Just as how Rastafarians come in all shades and ethnicities, the dancehall scene is transplanted the…
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28 April 2013 0

Reggae in Joburg – Bassline on a Thursday night

Right in the City of Gold’s Central Business District (CBD) is a the popular dancehall-reggae hotspot called Bassline. On a Thursday night the venue opens up to lovers of Jamaican…
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23 April 2013 0

#ForTheArt- an Ode To Creativity

FOR THE ART- an Ode To Creativity by GITTY Posted on December 9, 2011 by zmecca “I gave you pieces of my heart cause the world tried to tear it apart, I just…
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9 December 2011 0

Art in Jamaica: Kemar Swaby

KEMAR SWABY’s is a visual communications graduate from Edna Manley School of the Arts in Jamaica. His exhibition, KARMA VIPAKA, showcases how different generations may view political and social spheres…
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20 June 2011 0

Kemar Swaby – Jamaican Visual Artist

Art in Jamaica: KEMAR SWABY, Edna Manley School Class of 2010 Posted on April 19, 2011 by zmecca KEMAR SWABY’s is a visual communications graduate from Edna Manley School of the Arts in…
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19 April 2011 0

Abbebe Payne – Jamaican Visual Artist

Abbebe’s paintings are quite shocking if you’ve never seen a birth happen, more so if that birth wasn’t a natural birth, you might actually be surprised at what you see. He experienced 2 natural birth with his “Empress” and thought so much of the process that he honors it with 5 painted canvases.

While his art is most definitely his reality, he is not unaware of the social position that he takes on by being an artist.

24 February 2011 0

Baker Steez – Jamaican Visual Artist

If you ask me for my favorite Jamaican video director right now im going with Daniel “SteezyFresh” Simpson!!! I found SteezyFresh by way of Matic‘s “BMF remix”, thought it was a hot video and sought out the creative mind behind it. I didn’t have to go any further than the Navino and Deablo “Look What Dem Start/Drag Queen” to be 100% sold on Steezy.

16 February 2011 0

Teka Henlon – Jamaican Visual Artist

Her photos are displayed on zinc and board (both have long been staples of building houses in the ghettos of Jamaica), there’s a table set up with dominoes, graffiti on the walls, even a standpipe for water. She truly created the entire experience!

13 February 2011 0