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If dancheall is the voice of the garrison, then what about Jamaicans not from the ghetto

This response from SOL’s The Therapist opened my eyes to a different side of being a Yaad Rapper too. I’ve never thought of it from the POV that Jamaican rappers may have been more…
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28 October 2013 0

#ForTheArt- an Ode To Creativity

FOR THE ART- an Ode To Creativity by GITTY Posted on December 9, 2011 by zmecca “I gave you pieces of my heart cause the world tried to tear it apart, I just…
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9 December 2011 0

Why Rappers Are Allergic to Africa

This is an extremely interesting article from my college friend whose blog I subscribe to at Connecting the World. He poses that the disconnect between African-Americans and Africa is more propaganda than anything, and in a twist of popular thought, he uses NYC native rapper Nas’ own recollection to show how motherland Africans look down on African-Americans. He suggests that the media develops a stereotypical negative lens on Africa and therefore ‘African-Americans’ know nothing out of this misdirection.

15 February 2011 0