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President Jacob Zuma says ‘Frack You’ to Karoo

The process that will be used to extract the gas – hydraulic fracturing, or ‘fracking’ – is carried out by drilling deep into the earth and injecting hundreds of millions of litres of a high-pressure mixture of water, sand and chemicals into shale rock, which in turn releases shale gas. The flow-back liquid from this process is highly radioactive.

21 February 2014 0

Greenpeace Africa call for the release of the Arctic 30

FRIDAY, 18 October marked thirty days since activists dubbed ‘The Arctic 30’ were detained by Russian authorities following a protest opposing deep water drilling in the arctic.

The 28 Greenpeace campaigners and two freelancers have been charged with piracy and face up to fifteen years in prison.

24 October 2013 0

Greenpeace Africa lead the solar revolution

Greenpeace leads the solar panel rooftop revolution RICHMOND- Greenpeace demonstrates how to get rid of your electricity bill. November 12, 2013 KEEPING COOL: Greenpeace Africa staff members Irene Wabiwa, Restley…
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12 March 2013 0