‘The Garden of Eden’ in Black Hill, Portland, Jamaica

“The Garden of Eden” in Black Hill, Portland Jamaica *PHOTOS*

I’ve been going to Portland for over 20 years and ever since I can remember one of the sights to see on the way was the Pretty-Pretty house at Black Hill. Since then more and more decoration has been added to the house. And in all those years the first time I saw the owner outside painting was this Easter weekend gone..so you know we stopped the car, I grabbed my camera and went to meet the method behind the famous Color-Color house.

Pastor Brown is the man who has spent decades changing his space from another house on the hill to ‘The Garden of Eden’ where everyone from everywhere in the world is welcome. Even though Mr Brown is a Christian he repeated many times (and his painted signs showed) that he invites all races, creeds, religion and people to participate in the vibe at this streetside chill spot in Portland. He’s turned virtually anything into something artistic, recycled and decorated by himself and he was more than happy to show us the different elements that connected to make his Jamaican oasis come alive. Its a mecca for tourists, locals, artsy people and if you’re there and you dont look in awe…something is seriously wrong with you!

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