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For the Fisherman Who Found His Room in the Sea by Claude McKay

The language is so vivid the scenes play out before my eyes. Published in 1928 it is seen as one of the classics, cataloging the struggles, hopes and direct reality of the early Harlem Renaissance.

16 March 2012 0

Reggie Clemons is the next possible ‘Troy Davis’

Monday, October 10, is “World Day Against the Death Penalty”. Click the read more link to see who the next possible ‘Troy Davis’ is and what we can do to uplift the cause

7 October 2011 0

Ethiopian New Year 2011 at Wickie Wackie beach

Wickie Wackie is one of those teeming spots on the island that hosts some of the realest roots artists on different reggae shows. The intimate beach setting has seen the likes of Protoje, I Wayne and many more pass across its stage.

25 September 2011 0

Take me back to 1969

If I got the chance to go in a time machine and visit any year, I would ask to be alive and aware in 1969. So many things happened that interest me.

24 July 2011 0

If She’s a Whore then WTF Are you…

If She’s a Whore then WTF Are you… Posted on July 15, 2011 by zmecca As I listened to a group of women belittle another woman I found out how true this statement…
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11 July 2011 0

Claude McKay’s ‘Home to Harlem’

Claude McKay Puts Life’s Lessons and Leaders into Perspective… Posted on July 11, 2012 by zmecca Share I had planned to include this excerpt* from Claude McKay’s Home To Harlem from the first time I read…
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11 July 2011 0

Reggaeton’s Jamaican Origin

Ever wondered why every reggaeton song has the same beat? Or how in the name of Daddy Shabba Rankin Latino people get off on deejaying like us? It seems we are not so different after all. This article from Reggae Revelation explains a lot about how reaggaeton was created in Panama from Jamaican beats.

2 July 2011 0

Art in Jamaica: Kemar Swaby

KEMAR SWABY’s is a visual communications graduate from Edna Manley School of the Arts in Jamaica. His exhibition, KARMA VIPAKA, showcases how different generations may view political and social spheres…
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20 June 2011 0

Who is Jean-Michel Basquiat? What his Art means to me

To me, he is everything an artist dreams to be; carefree, hardcore, indulgent, creative, specifically selfish, inquisitive, uncaring, crazy and frikkin rich off art! I admire him for many reasons and often wonder if he had stayed around a little longer would he not accept that to many people he is as an Art God.

19 May 2011 0

King Stitt – The First KING of the Danchall

Therefore, it is not quite clear who if it was King Stitt or Daddy U-Roy who created the toasting style. Here are a few more interesting points about these two pioneers:

17 May 2011 0