More Trees Please with Dan Snow

In episode 2 of the More Trees Please series, Dan meets writer Zakiya Mckenzie and discusses finding peace in nature. Please join the growing call for #MoreTreesPlease: http://friendsoftheearth.uk/trees

2 October 2019 0

Ujima Green and Black Radio – May 2017

Listen to the May 2017 Ujima Green and Black radio show with a minute of silence for those left torn by the Manchester bombing. Jazz and Zakiya chat about wellbeing…
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25 May 2017 0

Rosa Hui of the Bristol And Avon Chinese Women’s Group

Rosa Hui, Director of the Bristol and Avon Chinese Women’s Group chats with Zakiya Mckenzie for the Green and Black Radio show on Ujima 98FM Bristol in 2017.

24 January 2017 0

Make Pinnacle a heritage and eco-tourism site

The history of Rastafari in Jamaica is marred by not so sweet stories. Nevertheless, sweeping it under the rug does the country no good and clearly says “Jamaica is still ashamed of Rastafari”. While the Jamaican establishment laments Rasta’s lack of political mobilisation and the fact that they often operate on the fringes of the economy, there is no denying the deep cultural impact they have had on the island.

9 February 2014 0

Interview with Bene M’Poko – Ambassador from the DRC to South Africa

The Ambassador from the Democratic Republic of the Congo (DRC) to South Africa, Bene M’Poko paid a visit to the Children of Fire in Auckland Park to thank the charity for sending another mission of occupational therapists to Kinshasa.

13 January 2014 0

Are Joburg’s densification plans environmentally sound?

The city’s Corridor of Freedom plans to go through this area in its bid to develop Johannesburg as an easily commutable city. It hopes to dismantle the spatial and social legacy of apartheid characterised by racial segregation by creating easily accessible, high-density developments to break down the barriers of isolation and exclusion.

25 November 2013 0

Birthing in Jamaica: Hospitals, Citizenship and other concerns Part 1

Most people think that its the most absurd idea. I have the luxury of traveling to ‘first world’ countries. Why would I decide to stay in Jamaica and not fly out to North America or even England to have a baby?

The concerns seem to be genuine and easily understood. Jamaica is what the powers that be call a “Third World” country; the public health system here is often far less appealing than basic health facilities in “developed countries.”

But this is not even the root of the concern.

20 July 2012 0

CLARENCE MCKENZIE – The first Black Mayor of Croydon

Clarence was born in Guyana and came to the UK in the 1960s. He qualified as a teacher and progressed to become head of a Special Needs school, where his pupils included future boxing greats such as Lloyd Honeyghan and Frank Bruno. When he retired he continued to serve the Croydon community by becoming a local Councillor, and became Croydon’s first black mayor in 1995/6.

7 March 2012 0

Reggie Clemons is the next possible ‘Troy Davis’

Monday, October 10, is “World Day Against the Death Penalty”. Click the read more link to see who the next possible ‘Troy Davis’ is and what we can do to uplift the cause

7 October 2011 0

Reflecting on the 2011 London Riots from Jamaica

My other grandfather was the first Black Mayor of Croydon. The same place todays riot’s popped off. I’ve learned a lot about immigrant life in London just from being around my family and extended family. I often wonder about my parallel life as Z British and especially now where would I be in the scheme of all these things.

17 August 2011 0