Caribbean vs West Indian, BAME vs POC: Whats in a Name

  Growing up as I did, I rarely thought about myself as British. My first few years on Earth were spent in south London but then my parents decided to…
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4 September 2020 2

Say Feh! Nan Shepherd and the Cairngorm Mountains

Nan Shepherd wants to feel. To go against the mountain, she answers the taunt when the mountain itself asks “fey?” To pit oneself against the expanse over and over again was to be daring, challenging, brimming for want of pushing the limit, the summit. A little mad.

11 April 2020 0

The Fern Ticket

Written during my year as writer-in-residence for Forestry England   The Fern Ticket I *In the Forest of Dean, to have had your first amourous experience in the forest was…
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4 April 2020 0

Writing Nature: From a Female POV—How it could save the world Panel Discussion

How do female writers portray nature in works of fiction and essays? How does culture color that perspective? Nature writing has long been the domain of primarily white male writers.…
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14 February 2020 0

Nature: Through Her Eyes interview

Nature: Through Her Eyes celebrated and highlighted women’s roles in storytelling about nature and the environment in October 2019 in Perpignan, France. The event explored what a feminine perspective means to women,…
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12 February 2020 0

More Trees Please with Dan Snow

In episode 2 of the More Trees Please series, Dan meets writer Zakiya Mckenzie and discusses finding peace in nature. Please join the growing call for #MoreTreesPlease:

2 October 2019 0

Farming Today This Week Saturday – July 13 2019

Ujima Radio’s Green and Black Project featured on BBC Radio 4’s Farming Today

13 July 2019 0

Travel writer Nick Hunt on the Grio Sound

BBC Bristol’s Ujima Pick of the Week with Dj Style and Nia featured a clip from the Grio Sound radio programme, April 2019. On this episode travel/nature writer Nick Hunt…
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13 June 2019 0

Chineke! Orchestra honours Paul Stephenson at Malcolm X Centre

When I asked him about the process of being commissioned to respond to a topic (no less, a person who will see the work) Wilson said he read Stephenson’s biography, spent a lot of time researching and watched everything he could find about the Bristol bus boycotts.

19 May 2019 0

Interview with Baroness Valerie Amos

I Interviewed Baroness Valerie Amos on her visit to Bristol to accept an honorary doctorate degree from the University of Bristol. Amos told me all about her numerous honorary degrees,…
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19 May 2019 0